Chris Renk Composer

  Cave Paintings (2012) 15’   (winner 2013 Dean's Prize - read more)
    [for 17 instruments arranged spatially]
    (fl/picc, ob/c.ang, cl, bsn, hn, tpt, tbn, b.tbn, 2 perc, hp,     pno, str a'5)

  Early Light (2009) 7’
    [for wind ensemble]

  The Art of War (2009) 6’
    [for brass and percussion]
    (2 tpt, 4 hn, 2 tbn, 2 perc) chamber version
    (6 tpt, 4 hn, 3 tbn, eph, tba, 2 perc) brass-section version
  Through Doorways Between Dreams (2008) 4’                hear audio interview)
    Winner of the 2009 MAYO Orchestra Composition Competition
    [for orchestra]

  Suspicion (2005) 4’
    Commissioned by the Shakopee Middle School Band (Shakopee, MN )- Steven Schmitz, cnd.
    [for young band (grade 3)]

  King Griot (2005) 4’
    [fanfare for brass]
    (2 tpt, 4 hn, 2tbn, 3 perc)

  Metropolis Dawn (2004) 7’
    Winner of the 2004 Caltech-Occidental Wind Ensemble Composition Competition
    [for symphonic band]

  The Athelete in Suspended Time (2010) 5’
    Written for the 2010 Hammer and Nail New Music/Modern Dance
    Collaborative Concert Series

    [for mixed ensemble]
    (2 fl, tpt, tbn, perc, 4 sop. voices, vln, va)

   Clarinet Duets (2010) 5’
    Commissioned by Dr. Gregory Barrett, Northern Illinois University
    [for two clarinets in Bb]

  Artifacts (2009) 10’
    [for chamber ensemble]
    (fl, tbn, vln, va, prep. pno)

  Sunflowers and La Berceuse (2008) 7’
    [for baritone and chamber ensemble]
    Text by Hannah Faith Notess
    (fl, cl, bsn, 2vln, va, vc, cb)

  Portrait of a Cellist (2005) 8’
    [sonata for cello alone]

  8-bit Music (2005) 9’
    [for chamber ensemble]
    (fl, cl,, and tape)

  In Stillness, Wanderer Step In (2007) 3’
    [for SATB chorus and celesta]
    Text by Georg Trakl

  Piano Prelude no. 1 - "The Joy of Destruction" (2012) 1.5’
    [for Piano solo]

  The Nirvana Sutra (2006) 35’
    chamber opera for 4 singers, small chorus, and 8 players

  “The Radio’s Broke Again!” (2009) 5’
    [for electronic media]

  Study in Glass and Gongs (2008) 4’
    [for electronic media]

  Diadems (2007) 4’
    [for electronic media]

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